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Guide on how to create a captivating expert profile 


First things first! Introduce yourself to the world. Say few words about what you do and why you are here. Help your future customers understand where you are coming from and what's so important about the work you do. Do you have a motto or philosophy that you strongly believe in? Great, this is the right place for it.


It is a little bit about you, but 99% is about the other person. We know you knew that! Explain how your future customers can benefit from booking a session with you. Make them visualise the changes you can trigger and the goals they can reach. The work you do is important and can change someone's life for the better, so don't be shy about it!


Explain your methodology and the process you like to apply. Mention anything relevant that your customers should know about before they book a session with you.


Say how many years of experience you have and what qualifications you hold. We totally encourage you to boast, but please please please don't provide any information that is simply not true. Are you a starting expert? That's also fine! Just be honest and say what level of expertise your customers can expect. You need to start somewhere and Fitmind is a great place to do so :)


If you work across few areas of expertise, list it here.


A picture says a thousand words, so make sure your headshot represents you well. Few tips from us: - a snap done by a professional photographer makes a massive difference - they just know what they are doing, so give it a shot (pun intended!) - use an image with a clear background (there is nothing more distracting than cluttered space when you look at someone's profile pic) - looking right into the camera will give your profile more credibility and trust - be yourself and don't be stiff - opt for personality! - smile is optional, but it bloody works! :)

Now, go and create that rocking profile!

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  • Ada Babiuch

    Amazing coach. Really enjoyed my session and will defo buy more.

    7 months ago