9 Life Habits All Extremely Happy People Prioritise

Many things in this world are a waste of time. But on the other hand, maximizing every second of your day might feel somehow tiresome. ‘Sigh’… The balance between ‘efficiency’ and ‘waste’ seems an ever eluding concept given each of us has a different definition of what actually ‘efficiency’ or ‘waste’ means. I thought it might help, sharing a decent list of certain life practices that are invaluable to creating one’s happiness and fulfilment. Each of the habits listed below helps successful people sustain productivity while making their lives more meaningful and enjoyable. These 9 things are worth your time and might be just the thing you need to add value to your life. 1. Exercise + Eat + Sleep. Repeat! Paying special attention to what you eat, ensuring that you get adequate sleep, and staying physically active will go a long way towards increasing your overall health and vitality. Ancient Greeks used to say ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’, which translates to ‘healthy mind in a healthy body’. Although I have to say ‘sana’ sounds a lot like ‘sane’. 2. Build relationships with people Intentionally building meaningful, long-term relationships with people, who add value to your life is important. When personal and professional lives get busy, it’s easy to lose contact with people you care about. Maintaining relationships with people you love is key for your own well being – even if it takes effort and planning. So get your little calendar out and book time with mum, dad, granny, sister, brother or whoever out there you would give your ‘spare’ kidney to if asked. 3. Commit to a passion Regardless of what you love – whether it’s creating music, writing, painting, or something else entirely – make time for it. When you’re building a career or a family, it’s easy to overlook the things that once brought you joy. I’m not just talking about throwing stones while chewing a gum scenario, but returning to your favourite practices fosters creativity and reconnects old parts of yourself that need expression. 4. Engage in self-development practice Even the most productive and successful people need an outside perspective to work through their emotional barriers, because it’s impossible to do alone. When you invest in your self-development in the form of therapy or coaching, you’re buying stock that only appreciates over time. And that stock, my dear, never depreciates, unlike $ or £ bills, it stays with you as a solid investment in your wellbeing. 5. Practice gratitude Being ‘present’ and allowing yourself to appreciate the small things is key to a life filled with joy. No matter what you achieve, it’ll never be enough to quench your thirst – which is why you need to celebrate the small things. Allow your heart to smile and when you smile, smile big. 6. Find balance between routine and spontaneity Consistent discipline helps you attain material success, but belongings don’t create happiness. Complete immersion into the present moment, something that spontaneity invites, is what generates happiness and the motivation you need to achieve your goals. Balance is everything and it’s there to keep you away from a ‘tipping point’. 7. Learn from your inevitable failures Mistakes aren’t an exception, they’re part of the learning process. Stop giving them more power than they deserve and start understanding them for what they really are – opportunities to refine your knowledge. Even when you think everything is against you and the last thing you want to hear is some old man telling you about the value lessons in life. Well, he is right. 8. Travel and spend time in nature No meaningful life is complete without traveling and disconnecting from modern pleasantries. It’s important to reset your mind by immersing yourself in something other than phone calls, emails, and Netflix series. 9. Practice non-attachment to ideas, plans, and expectations It’s important knowing that flexibility creates adaptability, which in turn builds happiness and sustains success. Businesses that fail to adapt to an evolving marketplace don’t survive. Similarly, people who fail to adapt to inner and outer changes live unsatisfying and unhappy lives. To continue growing as a person and professional, you need to practice nonattachment and maintain mental flexibility. Stop wasting time practicing bad habits that don’t contribute meaningful value to your life just because others do them. Instead, discover the practices that build wealth – both material and emotional – and invest in yourself, so that you reach your full potential. article by Ada Babiuch