About Us

Who are we?

Modestly put, we are the god-sent solution to improving your life. And in one click! Whether you look to get that beach bod, find a diet that agrees with your chocolate cravings, or land that overdue promotion.

Whatever your goal, we are here for you. We will connect you with a nearby wellbeing expert to help you achieve your kickass goals... and we do it with the ease of Roger Federer winning the US Open!

How does Fitmind work?

It’s a booking platform with a sprinkle of inspiration where in 3 easy steps you can book a wellness expert of your choice for a 1:1 session. Easy peasy :)

  1. Explore: browse through tons of great 1:1 services… well for now just few pages… we have just launched the service so bear with us, lol
  1. Select: yeah, check them out! It’s almost like selecting an online date, but you know this one won’t end up in tears…
  1. Book: choose a date and book that one-on-one. Job done… well almost. Now let your personal guru spring you into action.

Meet the founders

Fitmind came into existence in order to inspire… to inspire a true transformation… transformation of mind + body. No journey should be a lonely struggle. Well, unless you’re Bear Grylls wrestling a deadly snake while snacking on some poisonous ants for protein intake (really!) in the most remote parts of the Amazon Rainforest. And even he has a team of experts, who make sure he’s prepared for any situation (shhh... he doesn’t want you to know it...). We live in a community where like-minded people can lift you, inspire and shift your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Think of Fitmind as your best friend. A friend, who wants you to become the best version of yourself. A friend, who wants to make sure you live your life to the fullest. A friend, who will help you to achieve any goals, because they believe you can do it.

We are two female founders, who believe there is more to life than a corporate job, average relationships and an endless flow of excuses. We are on a mission to bring you a truly life-changing experience, where in a single place you can find the help you need or inspiration you look for. We created Fitmind with exactly this goal in mind.

At Fitmind we live by this mantra:   

inspire + create + grow

This translates into: 
Inspire change 
Create the life you desire 
Grow as a person 

We choose to share our mantra with our Fitmind friends by facilitating access to experts, who will actually support you all the way! 

And again don’t forget to have FUN while at it!

Ada & Gosia


We do not offer PayPal as a payment option just yet, but we support all major credit cards and you can use Debit Card, Visa Credit Card and MasterCard.

All sessions are designed as 1:1 interactions with an expert (unless specified otherwise). Your time is precious, so let's make sure we focus all the attention on you and you only.

Your confirmation email will include specific instructions. You might be required to use a specific form of a free conference call tool (zoom, skype, whatsapp). It may vary form expert to expert, so if you have any questions please contact us on info@fitmind.io. Remember we are here to help and support you along the way.

We accept all major credit and debit card payments.

There is no need to prepare, just come with an open mind and let your expert guide you. If you booked a fitness class, make sure you have enough space and wear something appropriate. Reserve your heals or best suit for other occasions. Our experts will ensure any additional information is included in your sessions' description.

Yes, we care about your safety and quality of experts you interact with and we care about you. Every expert profile is reviewed and manually approved by us after meeting our quality criteria. We are doing our best to connect you with best experts out there.

Once your appointment is booked and payment made (if required), we will share your expert's contact details and instructions how to connect on the day of your appointment. We are keeping it simple, so you don't get overwhelmed with unnecessary information and focus on your wellbeing journey.

Absolutely no! Let's be clear, this platform is free to use and browse the hell of it. Once you find the expert you want to work with on your goals then you pay them for 1:1 sessions.

You can drop us an email at info@fitmind.io. We will do our best to reply to you in a dash!

Your chosen expert will work with you to define your goals and then help you to achieve them. Yep, plan is always a winner… chicken dinner. Regardless of the expert’s individual approach, you can expect a professional, informative, life-changing and inspiring session. We wholeheartedly support you on this!

Absolutely yes! Make sure you do it 24 hours before the session is taking place. To do this, go to 'My Account' > 'My Appointment' and request a change of date. Easy!

You can cancel your session 24 hours before time of your scheduled appointment. So the expert doesn’t go all mental at us for messing up their schedules.

If either you or the expert cancels the session 24 hours before the scheduled appointment you get a refund for the booking you paid. Just let’s make sure we respect each other’s time and money.